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Gourmet pizza course


Product Description
From the concept to the procedures to create a Gourmet pizza, between tradition and modernization, in the name of quality.

5 ore 

180,00 €

Since 2000 we have promoted Gourmet pizza as a means for uplifting the role of pizza from "Cinderella" to front and centre in the world of food service, free from outdated traditionalism. Gourmet pizza allows us to bridge the gap between cooks and pizza makers, introducing innovative procedures which, although being based on tradition, leave room for innovationexperimentation, ethnic fusion, promotion of food quality (local, organic products) and its preparation.


Gourmet pizza course: Syllabus

    • The concept
    • Managing a kitchen
    • Mixes training
    • Managing baking and prior to baking
    • Low temp vacuum-packed food cooking
    • Prepping techniques
    • Raw materials food cost
    • Prepping and baking gourmet pizzas from starter dough
    • Topping, filling and presentation


Who is it for?

The gourmet pizza course is for professionals wishing to offer something new, for amateurs with basic skills and for start-ups.


Necessary prerequisites

Knowledge of starter dough


The registration fee covers the following:

    • Arci membership
    • Insurance on an individual basis
    • Personal kit
    • Original Pizza School uniform
    • Specific handouts
    • All necessary ingredients
    • State-of-the-art equipment and materials
    • Starter dough calculation program
    • Final certificate in your chosen language

Pizza making course: Languages

The customised pizza making course is available in the following languages: Italian, English, French or Rumanian