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Customised Pizza making course


Product Description
The customised pizza making course is an individual path, designed and created to meet your own training needs

30 ore in 5 incontri settimanali

1500,00 €

The customised pizza making course is activated on demand and is specifically designed to suit one's goals and needs, subject to audition/briefing. It generally involves 6-hour classes for 5 days (total 30 hours), dealing with the basics of the pizza making profession followed by an in-depth focus on the student's interests.


Customised Pizza making course: Syllabus

Pizza maker: basic skills

  • Pizza mixes: types, features, customization
  • Pizza flours: features, application, traditional, innovative
  • Rising: doses, timing, temperatures and maturation
  • Slicingand breaking
  • Pizza topping: product sector, ingredient line prepping and post-baking topping
  • Pizza baking: types and modes in wood-fired, electric and rotary ovens
  • Baking products: piadine, panini, baking tray pizza, pizza slices, baguettes, calzoni, dessert pizzas...
  • Presentation, dishing and garnishing

Customised Pizza making course: specific set of skills

To be agreed upon with the student

All lessons are held in the 200 sq. m. educational workshop of our Pizza School, fully fitted with state-of-the-art equipment such as a Marana rotary wood-fired oven, an electric oven, an F2 kneading machine and G Metal pizza peels.

Our workshop has all types of working surfaces one will have to deal with as a professional pizza maker: steel, marble, granite and tempered glass.

You will be introduced to 14 types of flours: from mainstream flours to kamut, stone-ground grains, ancient grains, whole wheat, soy, Manitoba, full body, organic and semolina, for more complex and trendier mixes.


Who is it for?

It's catered to future entrepreneurs, to businesses wanting to train their staff exclusively, to people wanting to work abroad and bring their unrivalled expertise, to those willing to work independently with shorter training times.


The registration fee covers the following:

    • Arci membership
    • Insurance on an individual basis
    • Textbook exclusive to our school
    • Personal kit
    • Original Pizza School uniform
    • Workbook and handouts
    • All necessary ingredients
    • State-of-the-art equipment and materials
    • Specific learning material for post-course perusal
    • Certificate in your chosen language


Pizza making course: Languages

The customised pizza making course is available in the following languages: Italian, English, French or RumanianInizio modulo