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Master course on pizza Roman style and Pinsa


Product Description
Pizza Roman style and Pinsa, made with high-water content dough, are taking the world by storm.

4 ore

135,00 €

Pizza Roman styleciabattapinsa; made with high-water content flour, have become a symbol of Italian bakery. High hydration gives quality, sponginess and enhance flour properties by activating the enzymatic processes. It has become the alternative to classic pizza in most pizzerias by the slice: that's why Pizza School Margherita 2000 has designed a specific master course on pizza Roman style and Pinsa, for professional pizza makers and food lovers with basic skills, meant to promote the techniques for preparing successful pizza mixes.



Master course on pizza Roman style and Pinsa: Syllabus

  • Flour types and features
  • Recipes and theory
  • Managing the mix from starter dough
  • High-water content refresh
  • Sizing and kneading
  • Pinsa
  • Roman style
  • Baking techniques and tasting


Master course on pizza Roman style and Pinsa: Who is it for?

For food lovers with basic skills and professional pizza makers


Necessary prerequisites

Knowledge of starter dough

The registration fee covers the following:

  • Arci membership
  • Insurance on an individual basis
  • Personal kit
  • Original Pizza School uniform
  • Specific handouts
  • All necessary ingredients
  • State-of-the-art equipment and materials
  • Starter dough calculation program
  • Final certificate in your chosen language


Master course on pizza Roman style and Pinsa: Languages

The master course on pizza Roman style and pinsa at Pizza School Margherita 2000 is available in the following languages: Italian, English, French or Rumanian.