Eating is an ethical act: that's why Pizza School Margherita 2000, as a Social Promotion Association, has stated from the get-go its own ethical and social orientation, placing first the individual and their self-realisation through work: working as an essential factor of human dignity, means for social redemption and integration, and also food education as a way to promote "food awareness" (e.g. with educational projects for schools such as Pane Nostro).


International Pizza School Margherita 2000, specifically:

    • Promotes all kinds of research, events and activities developing food education;
    • Teaches curiosity and the overcoming of prejudices and biases regarding food;
    • Values food quality, seasonal freshness, biodiversity, and typical regional products;
    • Teaches discerning, comparing, appreciating and choosing food products, stressing the importance of health and the senses;
    • Promotes taking a mindful approach to food, to sustainabilityand to the environmental impact of our food choices.


Pizza School “Margherita 2000”: ethically oriented group

Eating is an ethical act, but also a political one: we believe preparing food, mixing flour and water triggers a vital process, ever growing and evolving.

Kneading is an ancestral and maternal gesture, responsible for nourishing body and soul, because a mindful approach to food is a way of being, of cultivating taste with awareness, of creating a strong relationship with the root of things, of recognising the relevance of culture and conviviality, of appreciating the vital contribution of quite diverse traditions and cultures.


Pizza School “Margherita 2000”: projects for social reintegration and food education

In its mission, Pizza School Margherita 2000 has also integrated Art Rock Café's social commitment, promoting a number of initiatives towards social and work rehabilitation of inmates. Chief among them is Pizza Connection, for post-release training, management and employment at Due Palazzi House of Detention in Padua. This project led to the very first Italian pizzeria managed by inmates, which won the prize Premio Metaimpresa 2000 from the Chamber of Commerce.

Other ethically oriented activities championed by A.P.S. Art Rock Café and Margherita 2000:

  • Progetti pane al fresco: baking training programs for inmates
  • Progetti FER: cooking, pizza-making and pub food courses for refugees
  • Pizza connectioncourses for pizza-making, pizzeria management and post-release employment
  • Fund-raiser for orphanagesin India and Kenya
  • Fund-raiser for the earthquake in Emilia
  • Dire Fare Gustare: food education project
  • Sanfocacciafor Sant’Antonio da Padova's Marathon
  • Attivamente: Pane Nostro, food education project for primary and secondary schools
  • Pizza for Operazione Mato Grosso
  • Bread for Operazione Mato Grosso