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Course on gluten free


Product Description
Demand for gluten free pizza has been increasing: to satisfy an ever-growing market we must acquire new skills and responsibilities. An in-depth overview on gluten free led by experienced masters.

4 hours

120,00 €

Preparing food entails responsibilities, since we can affect people's health. Food allergies and intolerances need to be dealt with in a serious and thorough fashion, with no room for error. The most common intolerance, celiac disease, affects 200,000 Italians, and counting.

Besides celiac sufferers, many people do not care for gluten, finding it quite hard to digest. Accordingly, entrepreneurs and pizza makers had to adapt to the increasing demand for gluten free products, although not necessarily well-prepared on the subject. That's why we created a course on gluten free pizza, aiming to offer solid foundations on how to provide gluten free service in pizzerias, and on how to handle the whole production line for a high-quality output.


Course on gluten free pizza: Syllabus

    • Celiac diseaseand gluten, allergies and intolerances
    • Responsibilities and regulations
    • The workplace
    • Handling floursand ready-mixes< /strong>
    • Mixing dough
    • Gluten free pizza: handling and baking


Who is it for?

Food lovers – Professionals


The registration fee covers the following:

    • Arci membership
    • Insurance on an individual basis
    • Personal kit
    • Original Pizza School uniform
    • Specific handouts
    • All necessary ingredients
    • State-of-the-art equipment and materials
    • Final certificate in your chosen language