"Bread has a great history, a wealth of wisdom, poetry and art behind it, which is the history of mankind.

Mixing water and flour is an ancestral and maternal gesture, it triggers a vital process, ever growing and evolving. But young generations, what with fast food, ready to eat and ready to cook food, may lose touch not only with their own connection to the land and seasonal products, but also with the act of feeding itself, and its health, social and cultural relevance.

Even though back in 2000 we had foreseen the arrival of gourmet pizza, as a means for uplifting the role of pizza from "Cinderella" to front and centre in the world of food service, we are seeing now its own limits and decline. For a statement on the future of pizzeria industry, we should look at the signals coming from trade shows and research groups, suggesting a blend of bread baking and pizzas, which will especially transform take-away pizzerias, able to offer a wide variety of sizes and flour bases, with freshly made combinations, between tradition, innovation and experimentation”.


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Thus spoke Riccardo BrochDirector of Pizza School Margherita 2000 in Abano Terme, briefly summing up the birth of PANE NOSTRO, our new experiential learning space where we teach how to make bread like in the old days, right here at the Pizza School Margherita, and with the help of Nello CasoniMaster Baker, from Ferrara, 88 years old and still willing to transfer his skills to the younger generations.

“Bakers are Masters in the White Art, and we pizza makers can only bow to masters like Gabriele Bonci”.

Pane Nostro aims to be a physical and conceptual place where you can discover the tradition of old-fashioned bread, which used to last several days and would not make you bloated; a place where you can find craftsmanship and ancient grains free from chemical additives and artificial leavening, and utilise starter yeast the "mother" of bread, caring and nourishing your body and soul”.