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Little pizza makers... rising


Product Description
You are born a pizza maker: little pizza makers rising One afternoon in the pizza workshop for wannabe pizza makers, 6 years old and up!

4 hours, one afternoon


Teaching children how to make pizza is a fun and delicious game! Under the guidance of the excellent teachers at Pizza School Margherita 2000, our baby pizza makers will learn from scratch (flour, water and yeast) how to work the dough and customise, garnish, bake and taste their own pizza!

Each participant will make and eat their own pizza.


Pizza for kids course: Syllabusa

    • Brief intro on flours, yeast and natural leavening
    • Kneading by hand
    • Storytelling: before and after kneading
    • Toppings and laying the ingredients
    • Various forms of pizzas (sun, girella, calzone, candy)
    • Pizzas, sweets and desserts


Pizza for kids course: Who is it for?

For 6 years old and up, accompanied by a parent (a final certificate will be issued)


Pizza for kids course: when

On Sundays or Saturdays 2:30 - 5:30 pm


The registration fee covers the following

  • Arci membership
  • Insurance
  • Pizza maker cap
  • Ingredients
  • Beverages and tasting
  • Baby pizza certificate