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Cooking Class


Product Description
A full immersion experience for small groups, for pizza making staff, for team building.

6 hours

90,00 €

Live like a true pizza maker for a day, full immersion!

A professional teacher will coordinate with the group, providing all participants with the skills for working in a pizzeria, all the way to the final challenge like in a TV cooking show.

You will go through the several steps of the process, from a brief overview to hand- and machine-kneading, followed by pizza pie shaping to baking in a streamlined fashion, just like in a real pizzeria.



The course is always on and the date is agreed directly with the group.


Cooking Class: Syllabus

    • Brief overview on leavening
    • Kneading by hand or with equipment
    • Ingredient line prepping
    • Toppings
    • Pie shaping practice
    • Wood-fired oven practice
    • Gourmet pizza

Cooking Class: Who is it for?

The Cooking Class course is open to anyone, any age and no previous experience or skill is necessary. Typically our students come from companies interested in team building through a full immersion cooking experience, exposing all participants to what it takes to work when manual skills are essential, but also creativity and team spirit. Sole prerequisite: openness to being challenged and to testing their own skills, taking advantage of a unique opportunity, shared with the others.


The registration fee covers the following

    • Welcome drink
    • Theory overview with handouts
    • Ingredients
    • Access to professional equipment
    • Insurance coverage
    • “Pizzaiolo one Day” certificate
    • Tasting and drinks
    • Final exam: a competition among all participants

Cooking Class course: Languages

The course is run in Italian, English, French or Rumanian.