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Full course for pizza chef

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Product Description
Starts on 5 March 2022 Full hands-on course for pizza chef, attendance mandatory. Starting with the basic mixes, you will learn and master the rising, maturation, topping and baking techniques, while using the best state-of-the-art equipment.

60 incluse 50 ore di pratica

880,00 €

The pizza chef is the one planning and managing the entire production, from mixing to serving, and tracking each step from the choice of flours and ingredients to the final finishing touches. It is a full course and very much hands-on, for pizza chef training: right from lesson one, it will provide with workshop practice, constituting three quarters of the program. Our goal is to turn the theoretical knowledge into the practical skills one needs to be fully self-reliant.


Pizza school: learning in the workshop

All lessons are held in our 200 sq. m. new educational workshop fully fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, such as a Marana rotary wood-fired oven, an electric oven, an F2 kneading machine and G Metal pizza peels and where each student has their own station.

Our workshop has all types of working surfaces one will have to deal with as a professional pizza maker: steel, marble, granite and tempered glass.

We'd like to point out that our course's fee in Abano will include wood-fired oven specialization, unlike in other locations (all apprentice pizza makers will learn to work with electric ovens, as well as with stationary and rotary wood-fired oven).


Pizza making course: flours and mixes

Students will be introduced to 14 types of flours: from mainstream flours to kamut, stone-ground grains, ancient grains, whole wheat, soy, Manitoba, full body, organic and semolina, for more complex and trendier mixes.

Starting with the basic mixes we'll get to the more complex ones, all baking products based on pizza dough: baking tray pizza, pizza slices, baguettes, calzoni, crescioni, pizza panini, piadine, gourmet pizza, and learn some aspects of pub food cooking, in order to enhance the professional skills included in our pizza making training course.

Students will learn about the ingredients and their features, how to choose and prepare them, as well as about food safety regulations.

All the imparted knowledge will be tested and expanded upon in the training practical part, where students will try all the types of mixes, flours, and the rising, maturation, topping and baking techniques in wood-fired, electric and rotary ovens, all the way to the final presentation.

The pizza making course will end with a final exam during which all students will create original pizzas to be assessed by a panel of experts, meeting the same criteria as in the world pizza championship: taste, baking quality and presentation. At the end of the exam, we will issue Certificates of Merit to the newly graduated and a prize for the best pizza maker of the course.



Pizza making course:  Syllabus

  • Mixes: types, features, customization
  • Flours: features, application, traditional, innovative
  • Rising: doses, timing, temperatures and maturation, traditional and innovative mixes
  • Slicing, breaking and streamlining
  • Pizza topping: product sector, ingredient line prepping and post-baking topping
  • Pizza baking: types and modes in wood-fired, electric and rotary ovens
  • Baking products: piadine, panini, baking tray pizza, pizza slices, pizza-dog, baguettes, calzoni, dessert pizzas...
  • Food safety regulations, preservation methods and HACCP
  • Gourmet Pizza
  • Presentation, dishing and garnishing
  • basic bread bakingfor pizzerias



Pizza making course: who is it for?

Our course for pizza chef is suitable for all, no age restrictions, no prerequisites, for absolute beginners or for pizza sous-chefs wanting to upgrade: this full course for pizza makers provides with a strong and thorough foundation for building a professional career. This course is starting from scratch and is leading up to Pizza Chef, the one responsible for managing the entire production, from mixing to serving.

The length of the full course for pizza makers gives the opportunity to metabolise the skills acquired and the chance to clarify any doubts.


Weekly sessions

Attendance: 3 times a week for 4 weeks

  • Saturday 10am-4pm
  • Sunday 9am-3pm
  • Monday 8pm-11pm

The course involves 50 hours of practice with mandatory attendance from the first class onwards.


The registration fee covers the following:

    • Arci membership
    • Insuranceon an individual basis
    • Textbookexclusive to our school
    • Personal kit
    • Original Pizza School uniform
    • Workbook and handouts
    • All necessary ingredients
    • State-of-the-art equipment and materials
    • Specific learning materialfor post-course perusal
    • Certificatein your chosen language
    • consultancy program for job placementafter the course


Pizza making course: Languages

The course is run in Italian, English, French or Rumanian.



Pizza making course: Final exam

The final exam for the course for pizza chef  represents its culmination and validation, through planning and creating an original pizza, to be assessed by an external panel of experts.

With a pizza chef certificate you will have access to all specialization and advanced courses